Hatch Dorades fit over hatches and needs extra fabric in front of the hatch to allow for blocking rain and spray. Because of this, your Hatch Dorade needs 10 to 15 inches of clear deck space in front of your hatch to work properly, depending on several factors. When you place your order, you'll enter the width and height of your hatch, and also the amount of forward deck space, so we can make sure your Hatch Dorade will fit properly.

If you are measuring in centimeters, please state that on the order form.


Width is measured on the side that has the hinge. (Example: 19.5 inches)


Length is measured on the sides that have no hinge.  These sides touch the side that has the hinge. (Example: 15 inches)

Forward Deck Space

The amount of clearance your Hatch Dorade needs is call Forward Deck Space.  We need this measurement to make sure there is room on deck to fit the parts of the Hatch Dorade that are located in front of the hatch. These components are needed for your Hatch Dorade to function properly. (Example 13.3 inches)

(Optional) Boat Details

When ordering you can optionally enter your boat details.  This is used to make things easier for those who come after you with the same boat that you have. (Example: S/V Inland Hopper 1988 Sabre 36)

Need help?

Please feel free to email or call with any questions you have.  We are available 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, US Eastern Time Zone.  Email brad.hildreth@hatchdorade.com or call 516-225-2723 within the U.S. or +1-516-225-2723 outside the U.S.